Page Trucking

Project Details

Page Trucking owns, operates, and maintains a variety of specialty tractor-trailers used for bulk freight services across the United States and is headquartered in Weedsport, NY. Phase 1 of the project consisted of a new 15,000 square foot, two-story office building and a 22,000 square foot repair garage with shop offices and mechanic facilities. Phase 2 of the project renovated 8,000 square feet of the existing office building to create a training center and driver comfort station, including sleeping bays, showers, and a communal kitchen/living space. The three distinct areas of the facility – the office building, the shop building, and the training/comfort station – are connected by a circulation spine for easy access from one area to another. Office employees can access the shop offices and the training facility by crossing the open sky-bridge that overlooks the shop below. Drivers, who bring their trucks in for service, can easily access the driver comfort station on one side of the campus, or the office building on the other. Drivers can also overlook the shop floor from the sky-bridge above. And the three distinct building entrances are highlighted with blue metal panels and wayfinding signage to safely direct vehicle traffic.

Construction was completed in October of 2020.

Project team:

  • Interior design by phZ Architects
  • M/E/P design by ASM Engineering
  • Structural design by NK Bhandari
  • Site design by CHA
  • General Construction by Hueber-Breuer
  • Photos by Revette Studio